What you should know about our INSTALLATION

1. Design and Estimate Your Garage Door

Our company have three ways for you to get started designing and estimating your new garage door and accessories:

• To talk to an expert during business hours call our garage door installation service at 1-(866)865-2117
• To start designing your garage door from home use our online tool
• To meet one-on-one with a Home Depot associate schedule an in-store appointment

All options give you with a detailed cost estimate to make your decision. Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association, if applicable, prior to finalizing your selection.

2. Purchase Your Garage Door & Installation Service

After you've selected your garage door and accessories, you'll be guided to complete your purchase.

3. Schedule Your Inspection & Installation

One of our authorized installation professionals will call and schedule a pre-install inspection of your home to ensure your choice of garage door and accessories fit and inspect your garage for any conditions that may affect the installation. When your door is ready we'll call to arrange delivery and installation on a day that's convenient for you.

4. Installed by Professionals

A licensed, professional installer will deliver and provide a quality installation of your garage door and accessories, including job site clean-up and haul away of your old doors. Once the installation is complete, your installer will conduct a final walk-through of the installation and answer any questions you have about operation and maintenance.

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Service is Our Specialty! We stand behind what we do! The manufacturers of the products we offer have excellent warranties and we, as a company, also warranty our workmanship. You can depend on us to take care of you.